Woodlands Estate Agents



Woodlands Estate Agents are
celebrating 30 years of successfully
selling homes in Horsham this year.
Set up in May 1991 by David Jeffrey
and Stephen Muggridge, Woodlands
has been a household name in the
town ever since.
David who lives in Kerves Lane,
Horsham, said: “We purchased an
existing agency called Cannon &
Webb, who were financial advisors but
also set up an agency that they then
wanted to sell on. The market was
very tough in those days, with very
high interest rates. But we had a
wonderful team who enjoyed the
challenge and soon managed to
establish ourselves. Woodlands hasn’t
looked back since.”
“We have served countless local
people over the years and many have
become friends. We strive to continue
to do well into the future.”

The property market in Horsham
remains extremely buoyant, with
many houses receiving strong interest
before they are listed on property
portals and being sold on a best and
final offer basis.

So, if you are thinking of moving, or
are just curious as to what your
property might be worth and would
like to take use a local firm with over
30 years’ experience, call us now on
01403 270270 or 01737 771777.

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